We started back in 2001 in Ukraine, me "tiaz" took over it in 2005.

And I have been running it active ever since.

We trying to attend all the tournaments we possibly could both online and lan.

Also we have some nice achievements which you can see on the "Events"- page.



Right now we are 5 swedish guys representing the madzone cs:go team.

We are currently in ESL Open Winter League 2015 (Group CB) & ESEA League Open S20


 The ESL team profile

The ESEA team profile

The Cevo team profile


Want to play against us?

ESL Ladder: http://play.eslgaming.com/counterstrike/csgo/csgo/open/ladder-5on5-europe/matchsetup/challenge/18322435/

Cevo Scrim: http://cevo.com/event/csgo-scrim/roster/494789/

Pracc-booking: pracc@madz.one


Attended tournaments(Lan):

Inferno Online League S2D2 (Group C: Klan-Zomg, Winfakt.fi, Combo)

Inferno Online League S3D3 (Group G: 3DMAX, Gamerzone, BounZe)

Dreamhack Winter 2010 5on5 BYOC (5-8th)

Lanbauer #4 - Norrköping - (2nd place)

Lanbauer #5 - Norrköping - (1st place)

Esport-SM Lan Finals #2 (6-8th place)

SteelSeries GO 2012 (4th place)

- Lost 1-2 vs Lemondogs http://www.hltv.org/match/2148444-lemondogs-madzone-steelseries-go-2012

- Lost 2-0 vs NiP http://www.hltv.org/match/2147767-nip-madzone-steelseries-go-2012

Intel Core Challenge By IO (4th place)