Esea League Season 20

Wed 12th Aug 2015 - 4:55pm Gaming

The opening for ESEA League S20 is now open, we will attend it & secure atleast top 5 at the end of the season.

Also the Cevo League season 9 is open for signings.

We are currently getting ready for ESL, and we are looking to secure a spot for our team in the Major League.

Additionally we are looking into playing in the ESEA & Cevo league as well.

Hopefully, we will have enough time to compete in the Cevo League, ESEA League and ESL League simultaneously.

We are also available for scrims on ESEA, so if you and your team would like to play against us, just send a request.

Even though we are not as active on it, we use FACEIT as well. In our opinion, the ESEA has better anticheat, which leads us to using it more.

As the lineup is as new as it can get, we will practice and play scrims every day. If you and your team are looking to scrim against us,

simply send an email to

We are of course looking to find more sponsors and partners to help us on our way to reaching the top.

tiaz (Admin)

tiaz (Admin)

Matthias AB

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