Stress Management Techniques For All

  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 11:48am
    If your child is sick, make JRHONESTsure you ask the doctor plenty of questions about it. Find out how you can prevent your child from getting sick again, what vaccinations your child needs, what your treatment options are and such. Don't leave the doctor's office if you still have questions and write them down before you come in if you need to. That way, you won't leave anything out. A good doctor should be happy to answer all of your questions. Management of hernia is basically surgical (Herniorrhaphy, Herniotomy or Hernioplasty). Conservative Treatment This may be considered when the patient refuses to go for surgery or when the expected risk of surgical intervention is very high. The conservative treatment involves the patient wearing a truss (a firm pad) which is placed directly to the skin against the hernia opening and held in place by a belt. The truss is worn only in the day after reducing the hernia; otherwise there will be risk of damaging the viscus.

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