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    Greubel Forsey GMT Earth & Différentield'Égalité watch

    SIHH 2018 is the first major exhibition of this year, and Greubel Forsey replica Watches launched two new watches. The first-Greubel Forsey GMT Earth-is an updated version of the brand's iconic GMT watch. The second dial uses a constant force mechanism, which is the brand's first watch with a sophisticated function of second jumping, and uses a constant force mechanism, namely Greubel Forsey Différentield'Égalité. Now, starting from the GMT Earth, let's take a quick look at them.

    As I mentioned earlier, Greubel Forsey GMT Earth only uses platinum and is an updated version of its GMT watch. Did you know that a fool's watch has a tourbillon with a 24-second tilt and an actual rotating globe on the dial? The case diameter is 45.5 mm and the case height is 16.18 mm, which makes GMT Earth a clumsy watch. In terms of complexity and functionality, GMT Earth is the same as the original GMT. However, what has changed is the dial, especially some aesthetic details on the globe. Now, from the North Pole to the South Pole, you can fully see the Earth on GMT Earth.

    Achieving this goal is no easy task, Greubel Forsey asked them to apply all the knowledge about applying sapphire crystal to the movement. The final result, at least the results drawn from the news pictures, seems to be worthwhile, because full exposure from the earth creates a greater sense of drama and airiness. Elsewhere, GMT Earth has the same functions and complexity as the original GMT watch. The time is displayed on the off-center dial, and on the left is the subdial of the second time zone. The rotating globe is located under the GMT sub-dial and can be used to quickly (roughly) tell the time anywhere in the world. Finally, in the lower right corner of the dial is the 24-second tourbillon and power reserve indicator.Replica luxury watches price

    Turn the watch, you can now see the bottom of the earth, and still have a useful 24-city world time disc, which shows the time in 24 time zones. The disc even has convenient indicators that show which cities observe daylight saving time. Like all other Greubel Forsey watches, the surface finish of GMT Earth is extremely delicate. For example, the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) button has a raised engraving on a hand-punched background at 10 o'clock. The main board of the movement is made of nickel silver and has been frosted and polished with beveled spots. Similarly, these bridges are also frosted and chamfered, and are treated with special nickel palladium. The tourbillon bridge has a pure black finish, which is very laborious and difficult to complete. This is just some sorting of the GMT Earth.

    The second watch is a brand new watch from Greubel Forsey, called Différentield'Égalité. As the name suggests, it contains a constant force mechanism. The idea here is that as the mainspring is released, it will load energy into the auxiliary spring, which will release energy to the escapement in a consistent pulse, so that the power reserve of the entire watch maintains a constant balance. As a result, Greubel Forsey was able to add unparalleled second complication to the watch, which was the brand's first product. Like the Earth at Greenwich Mean Time, Différentield'Égalité is only available in white gold. The case diameter is 44 mm and the case height is 15.30 mm, making Différentield'Égalité (like most other Greubel Forsey watches) a very large High Quality Replica watches.

    The dial of Différentield'Égalité is very simple. Your main hour and minute hands are in the center of the dial, the auxiliary seconds hand is between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock, and the power reserve indicator is at 1 o'clock. There is a large cut in the lower left corner of the dial, showing the constant force mechanism and the non-jumping seconds mechanism. The deadbeat seconds are also very smart. Since the deadbeat second allows the owner to set and read the time accurately, Greubel Forsey added hacking and a zero-reset mechanism to the deadbeat second. When setting the time, the deadbeat second hand will automatically jump to zero, allowing users to easily set the watch to reference atomic time.

    The Greubel Forsey Différentield'Égalité manual winding movement consists of 359 parts and has a power reserve of 60 hours. The movement uses a frosted main panel and bridge, polished bevels and gem counterbore, as well as embossed engravings on the barrel and other parts, which are all very beautiful.

    Finally, GMT Earth is a popular update of one of Greubel Forsey's iconic works, and the new Différentield'Égalité is a clever combination of high technicality and practicality. I think both Replica Swiss Watch Online should be favored by wealthy watch collectors and appreciate high-end watch technology.

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