Tinnitus Cure Relief - Relief and Cure For Tinnitus is Closer Then You Think

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:34am
    One compelling Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol advantage is cost. Since most behind the ear units are analog, the cost of getting set up with this kind of hearing aid is significantly less than going with a more sophisticated unit that goes inside the ear. When you wear a hearing aid behind your ear, all of the working unit lives in that small unit outside of the ear itself. That means that what goes into the ear is just a unit to channel the amplified sound. The magnifier, programming controls and the battery do not go in the ear. It is a simple and yet elegant approach. Actually, the larger control box is an advantage to the behind the ear design. The batteries are easier to replace and the controls easier to manage which is a big advantage for senior citizens using this kind of unit. And because most of the hearing aid stays out of the ear, it is far easier to keep clean of earwax, which can really gum up a hearing aid that stays inside your ear.

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