How to Enter a Niche and Market Them Successfully

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 11:24am
    Your keywords need to be in every single thing that you Instant Payday Tricks do online. They need to be in your tags for your YouTube videos, on your website (you would think this would be obvious but you'd be shocked at how many people have websites that have NO KEYWORDS on them!), on your blog, in your articles and everywhere else you can think of. You should never put on thing out there on the internet without thinking about how you can keyword optimize it first! Why? Because it is a waste of time! People won't look at your website without keywords and that means that you won't make any money. I have found that many people who don't like internet marketing don't like it because they don't fully understand the power of keywords. And once they do they start making money and then they LOVE IT!

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