Interest - The Guarantee Of Success

  • Wed 19th Dec 2018 - 12:17pm
    There is a proverb says that The Psychology of Achievement interest is the best teacher. Do you think so? I am approve of that. If you don't have interest on something, how can you do it well? As a result, I consider that interest is the guarantee of success. Let me give you an example to support my opinion.There was a guy who had no interest in reading when he was a child. His parents were worried about his future while had no idea what to do. However, with the time passed by, the boy found that he was fond of playing basketball. He began to exercise playing basketball every day and never gave up even when he was fairly tired. He participated in NBA, one of the strongest basketball league matches when he was only 20. His name is Yi Jianlian.What can you get from this small story? Have you got some meaningful and useful information or some illuminations? As far as I am concerned, one's interest plays a fairly significant and important role in the way of getting success.Do you have any interest or hobby? Are you confused about which way to go? If you want to get wealth and success in the near future, persist on your dreams and make an effort to achieve your goals with your strong interest and the spirit of persistence.To perform well in study is not the only way to get success, the key is what you are interested in doing. Successful people in society are not necessarily those who got a very high score in school. Everyone has his or her own potential.Each person has the right of getting wealth and success. If somebody can, why can't you? Trust yourself and keep in mind that interest is the essential element and significant motivation of getting success.Never give up, try your best. Just be confident in yourself and tell yourself that you are the person that you want and determine to be. I think you will make it finally in that way.
  • Wed 19th Dec 2018 - 5:41pm
    Ritika Patel

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