Lightweight Survival Gear

  • Fri 13th Oct 2017 - 7:42am
    Heating the home presents a bit of a dilemma since Survival Master Plan it is so large and occupies three floors. Granted the oil lamp will provide a small measure of heat but nowhere near what would be needed. The only alternative would be to stock up on plenty of warm clothing for each family member and lots of thick wool blankets. Open flame devices for heat are not acceptable due to fire safety reasons as well as for the carbon dioxide hazard presented. For their sanitation needs they could obtain a five gallon plastic bucket similar to those found in cake decorating shops from bulk icing. These are generally free or at a small cost of one dollar or so. Toss in several boxes of garbage bags and enough toilet paper to handle the family's usage. To freshen up the smell keep several bottles of dishwashing liquid nearby. For washing up after use include a bottle of waterless hand soap. To account for minor health related issues you should include the more common over the counter items like pain killers, bandages and a small bottle of iodine. Add the kind of simple items which one would find in a first aid kit. Serious health issues which require prescription drugs should be dealt with accordingly.
  • Tue 13th Feb 2018 - 9:28am
    Survival is the ability to survive into the circumstances out of the normal routine. One cannot survive without proper essay writing services five training on it. People should acquire some basic survival training to survive.

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